I finally found a romper that doesn’t hate my body! Hooray! Let the wild rumpus begin!


This week I’m teaming up with a few other badass body positive warriors who are also talking about plussize summer style, self love, and ROMPERS! Read through to the end for links to other fabulous fashionistas romping around, including  Voluptuous Leah Jamie JeTaime and Ashley of From Head To Curve!



I’ve been hunting for a romper for years. I think Zooey Deschanel was the first person I saw rocking them on the reg back around 2010, and then they starting popping up at places like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters – but always modeled on slight mannequins and only available in “straight” sizes up to 10-12 if you’re lucky enough to find it. I never saw a chubby girl wearing one except for on social media, and the first time I ever saw a plussize version available in a store it was meant to be pajamas. Still, I fell in love with the idea of a tiny fun one-piece so I started casually looking for one that would fit my body. When I say “casually,” I mean that I tried on every single one that crossed my path in stores and I spent many evenings drooling over vintage styles way out of my price range at sites like Pin Up Girls Clothing, Modcloth, TorridLola Rocks, and Lindy Bop. After a couple years, I started getting that despondent feeling of being too picky/porky/poor and I felt like a onsie was going to be my unicorn, the thing I would forever seek yet never find. Every once in awhile I would find one here or there but they just never fit me right. And then…one day…it appeared.


I found her at Target and I was hesitant to even try it on – only available in royal blue or white, I wasn’t crazy about the color choices. However I love the eyelet and it has a bit of an empire waist and a scalloped hem, so I definitely had to give it a whirl. This style, made by Xhilaration, is only available up to size XXL so I tried that in the blue. I was immediately surprised by how well it fit, how good I looked in it, and how comfortable I was! The lace is 100% cotton and the entire piece is lined with a light silk-like polyester, making it extra comfy and cooling for warm weather. The spaghetti straps are adjustable but even so its still slightly long-waisted on my short torso so the boob cups fall a bit awkwardly on me. Other than that, though, this romper is PERFECT!

I am always extremely self-conscious about my dimply ripply thighs so I don’t usually rock the short-short hemlines. In fact I NEVER have now that I think about it, so this is a Fashion First for me in more ways than one! When I walk it kind of does that bunchy camel-toe crotch thing that I’m still getting used to so I felt a little anxious and over-exposed at first. The only other thing in my wardrobe that is this small is a swimsuit, people, so its a huge style risk every time I wear it! I have to remind myself that I love it, I think it looks great, it’s comfortable as hell, and that I just do not give a fuck what anyone else thinks!


There are so many ways  to rock this simple one piece! My initial instinct was to go retro 1970s Hawaiian beach babe, which let’s face it is always a good way to go lol! But I also wanted to be able to wear it more casually, like out to run errands or to the playground with my son. So I knew I had to find a way to style this piece with my Chucks!


To brighten the look and make it a little more playful, I added a simple grosgrain bow attached by a safety pin right at the bosom. I wore my Zenni black cateye glasses and a bright smear of Velvet Rope lipstick  by elf cosmetics to keep it super simple and casual.


I was nervous at first to wear this out to the store and even over to my friend’s house! Can you believe it? Scared to show my legs in public, even to people who know and love me. I had to really push myself to just do it. And you know what? IT WAS AMAZING!


I was expecting rude stares, snide comments, and/or backhanded compliments. But none of that happened! It turns out that I am waaaaay more critical of myself and my dimples and ripples than other people are. Even my ugly knees, constantly bruised from playing on the floor with my kids and cat, didn’t seem to phase anyone. I felt so fancy free people!!! So much so that I decided to take this adorable li’l onesie from day – to night!



Of course I had to change up the shoes, so I threw on my trusty peeptoe polkadot espadrille wedges. To create more shape and add some shine I added a skinny black patent belt at the waist.


To play off the polkadots on the wedges and add some retro sophistication, I accessorized with my grandmother’s beaded 1920s purse, a beautiful vintage pearl collar that my sister gifted me, and a gorgeous Oneida spoon ring from my mother.


To add just a bit of modern sparkle, I wore my geometric rhinestone ear jackets. I rarely have time for makeup so I gave myself a coat of Revlon Matte Balm in Standout to at least make it look like I tried. With my hair pulled back into a simple sleek high ponytail, I felt like a million crisp dollar bills in this ensemble y’all.  Everything about this look is simply MAHVELOUS DAHLING!


I’m still not 100% in love with the back of my thighs and my cellulite and my ugly knees, but I am growing more and more comfortable every time I wear this romper. It’s amazing how one article of clothing can completely change the way I feel and think about getting dressed.


Aw, baby bear’s first romper! I’m so excited to rock it all around town this summer. Me and my cellulite are gonna be the newest local celebrities in my hood lol!



Do you have any styles that you avoid because of the way you feel about your body? Or is there a specific item of clothing that you’re hesitant to wear because you don’t think it will look good on you?  I’m collaborating with a few other BoPo Babes this week to celebrate our love of the adult onsie and our journey to body acceptance, so def check out these other rompsters and see which playsuits they like and how they’ve styled them for summer!

Voluptuous Leah: Just Call Me Mrs. Romperson

Jamie JeTaime: Did you know you look amazing in that romper?

From Head To Curve:Plussize Jumpsuits & Rompers


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