OOTD: 1 Dress 3 Ways

I’m officially in love and obsessed with pompoms! And it all started with this stylish sundress with tiny little pompom trim along the ruffle top!


I found this simple boho-chic sundress by Faded Glory at Walmart and although I instantly fell in love with the style, I wasn’t crazy about the colors they had to offer. There was a red bandana print which was cute but too busy, there were some ugly blue stripes, there was plain white, and then there was one that was very thin red and white stripes that ended up looking pink from more than a foot or two away. Initially I was going to go with the latter, but when I came out of the dressing room and my husband said I looked like a candy-striper that took all the sexy out of it for me lol! Out of default I got the white, thinking it would look fabulous in summer and would pair really well with bright color accents.

The only time I have ever EVER in my life worn a white dress was on my wedding day. Not only am I like the world’s messiest person and as such  I just know I’m going to get it dirty, but also because white draws attention. I never felt that I was fit enough, attractive enough, or {fill in the blank} enough to wear white. It seems like a color for very svelte tan people who like to go to the gym. However the dress was too cute to pass up and since this is my year of body reclamation I figured it would be good for me to add another fashion first onto my list of summer BoPo feats – wearing white and not giving a fuck!

Since a white dress is essentially a blank canvas and this one can be worn two ways (shoulders up or down,) I wanted to play around with it and see how versatile this baby could really be so I decided to give this frock the ultimate test by packing it, and very little else, for my week-long vacation to the Rhode Island shore.

The first thing I wanted to do with this dress was to pair it with some wild and crazy color. Using my handmade pompom clutch as the basis for my palette, I also crafted a pair of dangly tassel earrings inspired by the tutorial from Anna, the St. Louis Modern Mrs., which you can see here! (You can also check out my tutorial on how to make your own DIY straw clutch out of an ordinary placemat here.)


I added a braided black sash to accent the waist and a pair of simple retro-style black sandals, allowing my DIY accessories to really pop! I wore my polarized prescription sunglasses from Zenni and pinned my hair back so that my handmade tassel earrings would really stand out.


I love these crazy bright accessories SO MUCH! Plus the extra long length of the layered tassel earrings look lovely dangling down onto my bare shoulders with the dress worn that way.


This outfit was perfect for an afternoon of strolling and window shopping in the beautiful little artsy community of Wickford, RI. I felt super stylish and astonishingly comfortable, and much to my surprise I did not feel weird about wearing white in the least bit! Although at one point I nearly forgot I was wearing white and started to dig in on some Nettie’s dark chocolate-covered kettlecorn and I came SO CLOSE to almost dropping melty chocolate all over my lap lol!


The next evening, we decided to go out for dinner at Trio, so I wanted to add some shine and a bit of sophistication for the evening.



Again I used my pompom purse but kept the rest of my accessories soft and simple: silver drop bar earrings, a silver anchor ring that I picked up at the Boat House on our trip here last year,  and turquoise and crystal necklaces from my childhood trip to the Sedona desert.


To add a bit of a vintage-looking vibe, I threw on my trusty polka-dot peep-toe wedges and my Zenni cat-eye spectacles. I had absolutely zero time or care for makeup because I’M ON VACATION AT THE BEACH MOFOS – although I did put on a touch of Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Pink Blossom.


On the last day of our vacation we took a trip to Point Judith to walk along the bluffs and look at the lighthouse, so I put on the dress, grabbed my sunhat, and left my sandals behind!


It was a glorious albeit windy day and this little number was absolutely perfect for strolling along the cliffs barefoot. I felt transported back in time, as though I were the wife of an old tyme sea captain and I was pacing the shore awaiting his return from sea.


This dress is SO SOMFY y’all. and my DIY embroidered sunhat looks just perfect paired with it by the edge of the ocean. Other than sunglasses and SPF I had no other adornment but even so, I still felt incredibly beautiful.


There are plenty more ways I could wear and pair this simple sundress, from a day at the farmers market to a night on the town! I’m excited to experiment with new ways to rock this lovely piece. I feel so good when I wear it that I know no matter what else I put on with it that I will be comfortable, confident, and look SEXY AS ALL HELL!



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