Salty & Sweet Bacon Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweet. Salty. Chewy. Crunchy. These cookies are literally everything you could ever want in your mouth. You may be thinking to yourself, "This is it, Lauren has finally gone off her rocker!" "Bacon in cookies???" "Damn, girl is cray!" No, my dear friends, I assure you that whatever sanity I have is still intact - … Continue reading Salty & Sweet Bacon Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tutorial: DIY Flower Crowns & Fascinators!

This Mother's Day, make your mama feel like the Queen she is with a handmade flower crown or fascinator! Or just make one for yourself for any regular ol' day because SLAY! ​These lovely dome-toppers are an easy DIY project that packs a huge amount of WOW factor! I made mine for about $3 each … Continue reading Tutorial: DIY Flower Crowns & Fascinators!

Tutorial: Cupped Cakes

Next time you need  a batch of cupcakes for a party, potluck, or school fundraiser, try making Cupped Cakes instead - they take a little more time and effort, but the result has dramatic effect and the yummy flavor combination possibilities are literally endless! ​This isn't a recipe per se, it's more of a how-to, so … Continue reading Tutorial: Cupped Cakes

Boho Brunch Baby Shower

When planning a shower, whether it's bridal or baby, there are really only two things to keep in mind: the Bride/Mom-to-be, and the Budget. It's all about the special lady being honored, and so everything from the theme to the food to the favors should be tailored to her style. Is she a party girl … Continue reading Boho Brunch Baby Shower

Tutorial: Dyed Eggs

Growing up Jewish, I never dyed an Easter Egg. Duh. Obviously. So here's 35 year old me, trying to figure out how the hell little kids around the globe can do this simple task yet I am completely inept and unable. Maybe for my first time I should've gotten a kit. Maybe I should've stuck … Continue reading Tutorial: Dyed Eggs

Family Cookbook

Now that the holidays are over and the gifts have all been gifted, I can finally talk about the latest Big Project that Abbey and I have been working on for the last half of the year - our family cookbook! This past summer, my aunt from Saint Louis visited us and we did a lot of … Continue reading Family Cookbook

Recipe: Paddy Treats

Being Irish but not Catholic, I'm not huge into St. Patrick's Day. I celebrate my heritage every day so I don't need the calendar to tell me when I should do so, and when I do it's not by getting plastered and marching in the streets. I absolutely hate the fact that Americans consider drinking … Continue reading Recipe: Paddy Treats

Tutorial: DIY Vintage-Inspired Tufted Tissue Paper Decorations

I love this technique! So retro! It gives two-dimensional decorations a fluffy 3D look that really pops, and it is SOOOOO EASY!!!! And cheap. I'm serious, this projects costs next to nothing. YOU WILL NEED: Scissors Glue (Elmers is fine but I love me some Mod Podge!) Assorted tissue/crepe paper cardboard First, cut your cardboard … Continue reading Tutorial: DIY Vintage-Inspired Tufted Tissue Paper Decorations

A Very Last-minute and Low-budget Valentine’s Day

So...I forgot about Valentine's Day. That's happened to you, right? Somebody? Anybody? Bueller??? I'm not a big gimmicky holiday person. There are a few days a year that I do get down with of course - birthdays being my favorite! But I'm just not a Hallmark kind of gal. I do however, love the IDEA … Continue reading A Very Last-minute and Low-budget Valentine’s Day

DINOmite Prehistoric Kiddie Chrismukkah Party

We've been hosting our annual Chrismukkah Party in some form or another since 2004, and each year we choose a different theme or scheme for our party. We've had everything from homemade rustic to candy themed to super swanky and sophisticated to an all-white winterland. But when my sister showed me an image of a … Continue reading DINOmite Prehistoric Kiddie Chrismukkah Party