Tutorial: PomPom Placemat Purse

This simple DIY clutch is a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit this summer! I love the pompom trend but I wasn't sure how to incorporate these adorable little balls of bright hues into my wardrobe. I considered sewing some on to the hem of a dress, or maybe adding … Continue reading Tutorial: PomPom Placemat Purse


Budget Beach Babeness

I am one of those people who is somehow never prepared for summer. It's almost as if I have seasonal amnesia and I totally forget that after spring comes a three month period of heat, humidity, sunburns, sweating, and beach. Maybe it's because summer is not my favorite - even with sunscreen I burn too … Continue reading Budget Beach Babeness

Tutorial: DIY Embroidered Sun Hat

Floppy sun hats are all the rage lately and as a pasty pale chick who sunburns entirely too easily I am all for this trend! Last year I bought a simple straw one and I love to tie ribbons or sashes around it and accentuate it with pins or brooches to match my outfits. It's … Continue reading Tutorial: DIY Embroidered Sun Hat

#ootd: Tea Party Time!

I got to go to tea this weekend! My auntie treated all the ladies in my local fam (there's only five of us - my mom, my sister, my daughter, her, and myself,) to an afternoon tea service at Tea Roses Tea Room! It was delightful. To honor the occasion, I went a little tea … Continue reading #ootd: Tea Party Time!

Tutorial: DIY Flower Crowns & Fascinators!

This Mother's Day, make your mama feel like the Queen she is with a handmade flower crown or fascinator! Or just make one for yourself for any regular ol' day because SLAY! ​These lovely dome-toppers are an easy DIY project that packs a huge amount of WOW factor! I made mine for about $3 each … Continue reading Tutorial: DIY Flower Crowns & Fascinators!

#OOTD: Perfect Summer Skirt

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. I feel a little bit like Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holiday" - a princess disguised as one of the people, a tourist in everyday life. ​I feel in love with this simple broadcloth skirt the first time I saw it, but I'm not ashamed to say that I totally waited for it … Continue reading #OOTD: Perfect Summer Skirt

Recipe: Shortcut Lemon Bars

  So I"ve had this half-empty jar of lemon curd sitting in my fridge staring at me for what feels like an eternity as I scratch my head trying to figure out what to do with it. The first half was great with homemade scones, but there is only so much plain lemon curd a … Continue reading Recipe: Shortcut Lemon Bars

#OOTD: Unflattering & IDGAF

This OOTD brought to you by thrifting & gifting! ​I have always wanted to wear mustard but as an uber pasty Irish chick, it has a tendency to wash me out and give my skin a sickly looking tone. I have tried and tried but TBH yellow just isn't my color. Having said that, however, … Continue reading #OOTD: Unflattering & IDGAF

Spring Thrift Haul!

I. Love. Shopping. Like, in a really obnoxious loud Oprah voice "I LOVE SHOOOOOPPING!!!" And not just any shopping - Bargain Hunting! I remember being a little girl back in Indiana spending summer afternoons with my dad, driving around town in search of tag sale treasures. My dad is the King of "Good Deals" and he'll … Continue reading Spring Thrift Haul!

Tutorial: Dyed Legs

Every person - no matter their age, shape, or gender - has that one physical feature that they are either self-conscious about or unsure how to dress. I know a gal with beautiful collar bones who won't wear V-necks because she thinks it makes her sternum look like it sticks out. I once knew another … Continue reading Tutorial: Dyed Legs