OOTD: Boho Chic

I've been wanting to get in on the frilly fluffy tulle train like nobody's bidniz! The only problem I have is that as a chronically ill stay-at-home-mom I don't have many opportunities for going Out out and so I can't justify purchasing what is basically a tutu to wear to go  grocery shopping. So I've … Continue reading OOTD: Boho Chic


Spring Thrift Haul!

I. Love. Shopping. Like, in a really obnoxious loud Oprah voice "I LOVE SHOOOOOPPING!!!" And not just any shopping - Bargain Hunting! I remember being a little girl back in Indiana spending summer afternoons with my dad, driving around town in search of tag sale treasures. My dad is the King of "Good Deals" and he'll … Continue reading Spring Thrift Haul!